Adrian Cheng : the man with big visions

Adrian Cheng is an entrepreneur who is involved in several fields such as the hotel industry, real estate, culture and commerce. Long before him, his father and grandfather were already working in the field through the creation of New World Development. Through this development, you will find Adrian Cheng's visions for the future.

Adrian Cheng believes in preserving culture

New World Development is a company headed by Adrian Cheng. The goal of this man of vision is to create a very innovative cultural class that will inspire the future generation. He also founded a company called K11 whose main activity is the fusion of art and commerce. This has led to the creation of shopping malls all over China. Adrian Cheng is a man you should definitely follow closely. 

He has done a restoration of the city's Theatre Stadium to give meaning to the old historical buildings of post-war Hong Kong. This project is a great initiative that allows the perseverance of the ancient culture of Hong Kong and also a development of tourism. This not only promotes the development of the country's economy, but also an eradication of unemployment nationwide.

Adrian Cheng expects to continue to leave his mark

Adrian Cheng being a high-level entrepreneur, he works to keep his brand going in perpetuity through the creation of an innovative ecosystem filled with experiences. The vision is to create a living experience that will not be spared from tradition, but is more modern than the old one. 

Moreover, this goal will be achieved with young entrepreneurs who have the same vision to continue the action in the future. Among these many achievements, we have the Pavilla farmhouse which is a residential landscape. This farm promotes the long term of the world, as it places the health of the environment in the forefront through a vision of creating a greener and healthier world.