How to choose the range of your handpan ?

The handpan is a musical instrument with a captivating and enchanting sound. Before buying it, it is imperative that you learn about the criteria for choosing the different ranges of the instrument. How do you go about choosing a handpan scale? Read on to find out.

Appreciating the different musical scales

The handpan musical instrument is not chromatic like most other musical instruments. However, it is made with a particular scale. So, in order not to regret your choice after the purchase, it is urgent that you study the different scales that exist. Make it a habit to listen to, enjoy and admire the different ranges that exist. 

When a range manages to enchant you, keep it. Proceeding by elimination of the scales, write down the different notes of those that enchant you. You will know in this way, the scale in which your instrument will be, and the various notes of the latter.

The choice from your melodies

The melody that you will often play with the instrument, is also a criterion for choosing the scale. The same melody is not interpreted in the same way when you move from one scale to another. Some melodies deserve a hard scale to keep the song alive. 

Other songs, on the other hand, require a higher scale for you to really experience the song. Therefore, you should know in advance, the songs or melodies that you will often play with the instrument. Thanks to the feeling and emotion of the songs you will usually play, the choice of the scale will be easy for you.

The choice from the different notes of the instrument

Note that not all scales have the same notes. In other words, the number of notes in handpans varies according to their scale. Some scales have eight notes, some have nine notes. 

Others have ten notes. However, keep in mind that the more notes a handpan has, the more flaws there are in its scale. This can be an imperfect tuning or an interference between the notes of the scale.