Pool shoes : why and how to choose ?

Do you like aquatic activities such as aquabike, aquafitness, aquagym or aquarunning ? Then you need pool shoes. They will help you feel comfortable and carry out your sporting activity effectively. There are many varieties, so which one to choose ? And why invest in these accessories ? Read all about it here.

Swimming shoes : the reasons to wear them

Wearing pool shoes during water activities has many benefits. You can have a peek at this website if you want to choose some. For starters, shoes bring comfort to the feet. You must keep in mind that it is the lower limbs that support the whole body. Whether you are seated, standing or in other postures, the feet are always responsible for maintaining balance. 

Then these shoes serve as protection. For example, to avoid any risk of slipping, these accessories give you better grip on the ground. You are much less likely to fall. On the other hand, if it is a general public pool, there are a lot of people. This means you could catch infections. Pool shoes can therefore reduce the risk of contamination.

The different criteria to consider when choosing pool shoes

To make the right choice of this accessory, you must take a few criteria into account. It starts with the sole. Of course, the latter must be light, solid and well adherent. Above all, you must not neglect the grip capacity to guarantee your safety at the edge of the swimming pool. You also need to make sure they are sturdy and water resistant. 

This is obvious since the accessory will be in permanent contact with water. So be sure to choose the right material since the robustness, resistance and longevity of the shoe depend on it. Don't forget the drainage system. Indeed, it is not very practical or comfortable to choose perfectly waterproof pool shoes. It is therefore preferable to bet on a model with an evacuation system. There is also comfort and support. For this, favor a shoe with an ergonomic and soft insole.