Quench a fantasy of discovery: Round the world ticket

Need to leave your daily life behind to cross the oceans and discover new cultures? Do you want to leave everything behind to discover the riches of our planet? There is a prompt and adequate aphorism that seduces more and more travelers: the round-the-world ticket


 What need does the round-the-world ticket satisfy?


A round-the-world ticket (in English round-the-world ticket or RTW ticket) is a product that allows travel. This type of ticket is a bundle of airline tickets that allow you to travel around the world.

In general, the round-the-world ticket is intended for travelers who want to stop over in several places and for several weeks or months. Is it worth it to acquire this round the world ticket?


 What is the advantageous formula: Buying a round-the-world ticket or buying your airline tickets as you go along?


By choosing the option of a round-the-world ticket, the fares can be cheaper. On the other hand, you lose a lot of flexibility because you cannot change the dates of the flights.


As for the purchase of tickets to each destination, we have the flexibility to look at the flight comparators to find the cheapest tickets. And if we want to change our plans at the last moment, nothing will stop us.      Unfortunately for this option, we are forced to pay full price for some destinations where there are few airlines flying to.


So, are you ready to take this risk to live your dream and go on a world tour? If so, get ready now. This will avoid unpleasant surprises.

But be aware that each country is different and some have requirements that others do not. It is therefore strongly advised to make a point before leaving regarding administrative requirements and obtaining visas.