Quid around the engagement ring

In France and in all countries of the world, engagement rings are mainly offered by men and worn by women. The problem is, which rings can he choose to first create the surprise and enjoy the taste. Read in a Dizaine of minutes information about engagement rings.

What is the meaning of an engagement ring?

An engagement ring is a piece of jewelry indicating that the person wearing it is going to get married. This ring by its beauty value, gives an idea of the future bride and groom.

Why is the engagement ring worn on the left hand?

In ancient Egypt and Rome, the left ring finger had a special meaning. At the time, the vein on the left ring finger was thought to be directly connected to the heart: the "vena amoris". The engagement ring on the left ring finger has retained its symbolic meaning ever since: the direct link to the heart, the center of all feelings.

Can the engagement ring be worn on the right hand?

It is possible to wear your engagement ring on your right hand. There are no rules governing the wearing of the engagement ring. If a woman prefers to wear her engagement ring on her right hand from the start, nothing will take away its value as a symbol of love.

Difference between an Engagement Ring and a Wedding Band

The engagement ring is the jewelry that is given to propose. Generally it is a feminine piece of jewelry, which a man offers by surprise.
As for the wedding ring, it is the ring that is exchanged during the wedding ceremony, most often after the vows.

Which ring to wear where?

Both the engagement ring and wedding band are worn on the left hand.

The engagement ring is symbolic in the eyes of all people essentially those to whom it is given. But several questions regarding its wearing arise on whether should still wear his engagement ring after the wedding.