Why buy insurance?

Insurance is a necessity these days. It is very important for anyone who wants to be safe from any unforeseen situation. If you have not yet purchased insurance, here is why you should.

Reasons why you should buy insurance

Life situations, unforeseen, unexpected events can happen at any time and when you are insured you will face them much healthier. Insurance is in fact a better alternative to deal with unforeseen events. Insurance can be taken out for an individual, an association or a company.

When you are insured, you can: provide for your family even if you die, realize your real estate project, drive a vehicle safely, reimburse your health expenses, etc.

There are many other benefits to having insurance as well.

Now, let's move on to the major insurance groups you can buy from.

The major insurance groups

There are 4 main groups of insurance:

- Individual insurance: it includes all insurance that covers risks caused by individuals. It includes retirement insurance, death and disability insurance, supplementary health insurance, home key insurance and life insurance.

- Group insurance: this group of insurance is reserved for associations. It includes group provident insurance, group retirement insurance, employee savings, group insurance for severance pay.

- Property insurance: it deals with the protection of your real estate, automobiles, furniture, etc. As a type of property insurance, we have: car insurance, multi-risk insurance, motorcycle insurance, fleet insurance, premises insurance, goods insurance, etc.

- Activity insurance: this group of insurance covers damages caused by a company's activity. Thus, we find the ten-year guarantee, the civil liability insurance, legal protection insurance, professional activity insurance, etc.

These are some of the reasons why you should buy insurance, the groups and types of insurance you can buy. It is really important to take out insurance if you don't want to be surprised by life situations that often don't foresee.